We are so excited to congratulate our Diamanté Scholars. The inaugural class of DVC Diamanté Scholars completed their summer internships earlier in August, and thoroughly enjoyed their work experiences. These roles were provided through Mt. Diablo Unified School District (MDUSD) Summer Internship Program and they sure were excited to be gaining this job experience prior to the next phase of their college journey

The internships involved 29 students placed in roles within the areas of County Health, Workforce Development, Education Administration, Urban Agriculture, Software Development and Community Services. Additionally this program helps students registered for DVC’s WRKX course, track their professional development, and reflect on what they have learned through their internship. This is placing these students in a powerful position to make their class and major decisions based on real world job experience.

Earlier in the Spring, these students indicated their interest and enthusiasm towards career exploration and connection and these internships provide their first experience related to their college plans. Everyone in involved in the program were that MDUSD was able to offer this experience for the Scholars, despite many obstacles that MDUSD faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic when moving this opportunity to a remote format. 

The students have taken proactive steps forward to transition into this summer internship and their first course as college students at Diablo Valley College. 

At the end of the program, the Scholars discussed workplace ethics and communication, and in their weekly seminar and the reviewed their internship growth goal with the DVC WRKX course leadership. The DVC program support staff and community are proud of the scholars and are excited to support them through this summer experience.