Summer is upon us, and while our normal sunny endeavors may look a little different this year than they have in the past, there’s one tradition we can get behind – the summer reading list. The team at Diamante Scholars would like to share a few  of the books we love with you. Some of them are old favorites, and some are newfound gems. Adventure on! 

The Tipping Point; How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcom Gladwell

Why we love it: By examining how seemingly small ideas turn into big, impactful changes to the world around us, this book encourages readers  to see value in engaging with how pursuing little problems can have a big impact. 

A Planet for Rent by Yoss 

Why we love it: It’s a beautiful work of science fiction by one of Cuba’s most celebrated writers. The story examines timely themes, like economic disparity and conservation in a vivid, brilliant language. The novel is equally engaging in the English translation, or the original Spanish. 

Mindset; The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. 

Why we love it: You will learn how a simple belief of yourself guides a large part of your life. Learn about two different mindsets and how they affect your daily being. This book will answer a lot of your questions and can open so many doors.

Becoming by Michelle Obama 

Why we love it: Obama’s beautifully honest, intimate memoir is a little painful, a little joyful, and a lot inspiring. It speaks to the hardships just about everyone has experienced at some time or another, and the wonderful things that can come about as a result. 

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah 

Why we love it: Noah is brutally honest, and hilarious. He tells the unvarnished truth about his upbringing in South Africa on the edge of apartheid.  This is a great book to listen to on audiobook as well – it’s narrated by Noah, and because he speaks all of the languages that various parts of his story are written in –  you get to hear the correct pronunciation and intonation. 

A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again by David Foster Wallace 

Why we love it: It’s all of the hilarious adventure and misadventure of going on a cruise without the food poisoning or ever having to leave your house. 

Assata: An Autobiography  by Assata Shakur

Why we love it: If you feel saddened by the killings of innocent unarmed black people and you are interested in learning about how fundamental civil rights were fought for in our nation’s recent history, revisiting the strength and leadership of Assata Shakur is a wonderful place to draw inspiration from.

Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay

Why we love it: In a world where it’s easy to feel like you should tick certain boxes or strive for an almost unattainable perfection to be able to claim that you care about something – Gay encourages a messy, nuanced relationship with the world – one that is true to who you are, not who a mysterious group of “other people” seem to think you should be. It’s a great read for everyone who grapples with the contradictions that come with being a person living life and figuring things out.