This prestigious community of high potential, curious learners is creating a strong foundation for career success. Our founding principles:

Potential is not reflected in test scores or grades

Careers are profoundly shaped on the strength of the personal relationships you form along the way

Curiosity and learning capacity are more important to your career than any class

Problem solving skills, collaboration capabilities and curiosity are the true foundation of future success

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About the scholarship

The Diamante Scholars program helps high school students with overlooked and unseen potential identify a career path and build the professional skills for success. The Diamante experience starts with a 1.5 unit DVC CAREER 100 Class: College & Career Success.

Apply in the fall

Students apply fall of senior year to begin program in last semester of senior year.

Take a class

Take one class at DVC in the high school senior spring semester, enroll full time upon graduation.

Career Exploration & Connection

Participate in summer internships, industry visits, and career guest speaker series.

Buy supplies

Students will receive a $150 stipend per semester to help with school supplies.

Community & DVC Support

Personalized 1:1 support along your path.


Diamante Scholars program gave me the opportunity for my first internship. It was the best thing I’ve ever done and was really proud of myself.
— Cecilia Subias, DVC Student and Ygnacio Valley Graduate
This program basically made the way for me to join the college.
— Parwiz Khan, DVC Student and Mount Diablo High Graduate
Honestly, I appreciate everything about the program. The staff have checked up on me since day 1, which I appreciate a lot. I enrolled to college and I’m dedicated thanks to them as well. I would say the check-ins help a lot too at least to see each other once a month or so and them just being there for me.
— Jose Gonzalez, DVC Student and Mount Diablo High Graduate
No one – except me – believed in my potential. At DVC I found the path that led to my career, and built the skills that made me successful.
— Peter Zaballos, former DVC Student
What made the difference in my career were the problem solving skills I learned in college. Not the subjects I studied.
— Peter Zaballos, former DVC Student
At DVC I was lucky to encounter teachers who saw and nurtured potential in me that I wasn’t aware of myself.
— Peter Zaballos, former DVC Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum grade point average to be considered?
No. We are looking for students who have talent and potential.
Do I need to know what I want to study or major in?
Not at all. This is where you follow your instincts to your major.
What does the Diamante Scholars Program Coordinator do?
They are there to help guide you and support you.
Why is my family included in the Diamante Scholar events?
Because they will want to see you and your peers succeed.
What if I want to learn a trade and not go to college?
You set the goal; we are here to support you.
Why are there seminars and guest speakers?

Because there are many, many people like you who have gone down this path and found their success

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Have you been told you’re not college material? Have people said your grades aren’t “good enough” and are somehow an indicator of your potential? Do you know, deep down, you see your successful future? Diamante Scholars is here to help you unlock your potential.
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What You Need to Apply

  • Submit an online application
  • Participate in a student interview


  • A senior or mid-year graduate from one of the following high schools: Concord, Mt. Diablo, Olympic, or Ignacio Valley
  • Determined to graduate from college
  • Available to attend required programming – approximately 2 to 3 events per semester
  • Committed to achieving and maintaining a 2.5 GPA or greater
  • Committed to going to school full-time at DVC (minimum of 12 units in the Fall & Spring)

Required Activities (Spring of H.S. Senior Year)

  • Welcome Reception
  • Speaker Series Event: February, March, April, May
  • End of the Year Celebration: June
  • Career 100 – College and Career Success, a 1.5 unit DVC college course
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About Diamante Scholars

The Diamante Scholars program is focused on helping high-potential high school students find their path to higher education and career success. 

Our belief is that the skills and capabilities that make for a successful career for many people have little to do with academic success and very much to do with a desire and capacity to learn, to be effective problem solvers, and to develop trusted working and personal relationships.

The name “Diamante” speaks to these scholars as diamonds. Diamonds in the rough. And diamonds are tough. We chose the Spanish term for diamond to reflect the heritage of the founder, Peter Zaballos —  two generations ago his grandparents Pedro and Juana Zaballos emigrated from Spain to California, working first in the fields and eventually in the Del Monte canneries.